Thursday, May 7, 2009


The LANDliteracy Network is now looking for the photographs people have taken of the REDreadTREE & TREEreadRED side at Woodbury on the Midlands Highway between Launceston and Hobart in Tasmania.
Photograph: Ray Arnold
The Network is aware that many people have taken a great many photographs at different times since May 1996 when one dead tree became an ecoLANDMARK. In collecting these photographs it is hoped that new insights into how this site has been imagined may emerge.
Photographer: Unknown

The addresses that people need to send their images to are:
eMail Address
Postal Addresss
Woodbury House
7849 Midland Hwy
Woodbury TAS 7120
Only COPIES should be sent as the Network does not have a budget for return postage. It doesn’t matter what form the copy is in – digital, print, photocopy, whatever. In addition to the image the Network would appreciate anything that people can remember about the day they took their photograph and any other observations they may have made. And of course we need people's names and their permission to publish their image on this site.

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