Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Somewhat ironically the mapping of 'land alienation' in Tasmania since European settlement simultaneously maps the decline in Tasmania's tree cover. There is no surprises there and since this particular set of maps were produced in 1945 the issue has grown.

So called 'Rural Tree Decline' (RTD) is but a part of the problem. The REDreadTREE Project was primarily to do with drawing attention to RTD and hopefully also draw attention to the need to do some research into the factors impacting upon trees in Tasmania's Midlands.

The issues are at once complex and simple. RTD is somewhat like the canary down the coal mine. It is telling us something! Since the REDreadTREE was painted in 1996 the problem has increased rather than being abated by massive Landcare tree planting projects.

Yes, there have been some success stories, and some research, and successive droughts too but more than anything else, land use practices continue to exacerbate the problem.

The question still remains. And then there is "Climate Change". Where to from here?

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