Wednesday, April 22, 2009

TREEreadRED: Book Reference

Photo & Book Peter Solness LINK

In 1996 John Burbury owned Woodbury House adjoining the RED TREE Site and John was an important contributor to the project – especially when the local Council said they had doubts about the proposal. When in September that year someone burnt the REDreadTREE down, well it looked like its message had been destroyed for John and as he said "just for the sake of someone getting full at the pub and saying 'lets go and burn the bastard down".

So as he said "I got wild and wrote a poem". It was called 'The Red Trees' Lament' and in part it says:

"When man stands up for an ideal
To improve his lot and others
He sends forth little rays of hope
to shine down on his brothers.

This ray then soon becomes a light
That grows into a beam
A beacon for the hopes of man
Not just another dream."

John was a regular contributor the ABC's morning Talk Back Radio and almost always with a poem relevant to the day and something got him going. Sadly John passed away in 1998.

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